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Alcohol poisoning

Within the moderate alcohol consumption, a person gets elated, has a slight feeling of euphoria, and looseness. All troubles seem insignificant and lose their importance. That is why many people take alcohol.
But this pleasant state does not last long, if a person is increasing the dose of alcohol.


Alcohol Intoxication

Alcohol is literary a poison to a human organism. When a person is drunk, alcohol affects central nervous system functioning, provokes vegetative, neurological and mental disorders.


Blood Alcohol Level

Being in a state of alcohol abuse is not typical for a human organism. That is why even the small amount of alcohol reflects on the mental state of a person.


Alcohol allergy

Despite being described in advertisement from the positive side and telling us that drinking alcohol forms traditions, many of us realize, that alcohol has more disadvantages to the person’s health than advantages. Especially, when we talk about products, not responding medical standards. Those products are pure poison for the organism.

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