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Alcoholic psychosis

Alcoholic psychosis is a mental activity disorder during the second and the third stages of alcoholism. On the first stage alcoholic psychosis are mostly uncommon.


Delirium tremens

Alcoholism is a serious disease, very dangerous to the patient himself and those who are around him because of psychosis, called “derilium tremens”, popularly also called “barrel fever”. In Latin “delirium” means “insanity, madness”, which describes this state in the best way possible.


Alcoholic epilepsy

Alcoholic epilepsy is a complication of alcoholism. The manifestations of the disease are suddenly appearing seizures. The attack begins with loss of consciousness, and then the person’s face pales greatly, gradually acquiring cyanosis. Often, during an epileptic fit the patient is foaming at the mouth, he can bite his tongue, and the vomiting often appears.


Alcohol withdrawal syndrome

Withdrawal syndrome is a typical condition of the middle stage of alcoholism. It is a hangover by the nature, but it differs from the usual hangover which is experienced by healthy people in the morning after outdrink eve. Translation of the term (abstinentia) means abstaining. It arises for the drinker shortly after alcohol dose reduction or cessation of drinking alcohol.


Alcoholic Hepatitis

Alcoholic hepatitis is an inflammatory disease of the liver caused by long-term drinking of alcoholic beverages. The systematic use of large doses of alcohol leads to this disease. For example, if a person drinks 100 grams of alcohol in terms of pure alcohol every day for 5 years, he will surely have the alcoholic hepatitis.

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