How to get rid of a hangover


Hangover is an unpleasant state after heavy drinking of alcohol. Hangover has next symptoms: sickness, headache, strong thirst, fever and high temperature, weakness, blood pressure changes.

Usually hangover comes in a few hours after a heavy alcohol drinking the previous evening and gives a lot of mishaps to the patient, especially if has no chance to stay at home.

The question about how to get rid of a hangover is asked by many people.

There is an opinion that one can have a hangover after consumption of a huge amount of alcohol. But it is not always like this. Some people need a very modest dose of alcohol to feel horrible because of a hangover the next day. The result of a hangover is a poor physical state in a hangover.

Why does hangover appear and what factors provoke it?

1. Organism poisoning.

After alcohol decomposition, new poisonous substances appear in an organism and become a cause of toxigeriesis. Especially bad for your health in this sense vermouths, tequilas, rums and whiskeys because they make your liver to process not only alcohol, but also different additives.

2. Organism dehydration.

Organism dehydration during hangover is not caused by the lack of liquid, but by its wrong distribution in organism. The reason is alcohol. There is enough liquid in organism otherwise why do people have swollen face and bags under their eyes?

3. Brain cells dysfunction.

Brain cells dysfunction is caused by acetaldehyde, which is formed in organism after alcohol decomposition. The next morning after heavy drinking the nervous system becomes super sensitive. Even half-light and  quiet sounds annoy a person, who has a hangover. He also can have groundless feeling of fault and shame, which is called “adrenalin boredom”.

Delirium tremens

By the way, coping a hangover, your organism spends huge amount of vitamins, micro and macro elements. Your organism is trying to normalize acid-base balance, normalize your sleep etc.

Hangover. How to get rid of it?

How to help your suffering organism to get rid of such a terrible state – a hangover? To get rid of a hangover, you should use treatment and realize the mechanism of how alcohol affects human body.

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You can cope the main problem of a hangover – organism intoxication – in different ways. The first way is physical detoxification. Both clyster and stomach lavage can help in this case. If you cannot use these methods, you can take any sorbent from the drug store – activated carbon or any medication based on lignin ( “Lignosorb”, “Lipheran”, “ Poliphepanum”). You should take 3 tablespoons of these medicines twice a day every two hours with 1,5 glass of water.

Of course, our organism can solve the problem of detoxification itself, but there are some medicines for hangover, which can help and do this faster. You can take such medicines as :

  1. Amber acid – 1 pill hourly, but not more than 6 pills a day;
  2. Eleuterococcus tincture – 20-40 drops before meal, if you need to improve your organism tone.
  3. Juice of two lemons with honey and water, dissolved in 1:1 proportions.

Kvass is a good solution to get rid of a hangover, as well as dairy products. You can normalize fluid-and-electrolyte balance with the help of cucumber or cabbage brine. Detoxification after alcohol intoxication will be faster if you take contrast shower, bath or go to the sauna. They will also cope with another problem of a hangover, which is dehydration.

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Dehydration elimination

What can help you to get rid of a hangover and of dehydration in particular? To correctly redistribute liquid around your organism, you should drink liquid and diuretic at the same time. For example, drink water, non-alcoholic beer or coffee at the same time. Remember before doing this, supplement your organism with salt substitutes, drink some cucumber or cabbage brine, mineral water or rice decoction.

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Nervous system functioning normalizing

When the process of detoxification and rearranging of liquid in the organism is being done, one can start the process of nervous system functioning normalizing. What should you drink to get rid of a hangover in this case? The best thing to renew the nervous system functioning after experiencing alcohol intoxication, is glycine. You should take it every hour, by putting the pill under the tongue – up to five times a day. Glycine is a component of gelatin, and therefore we can come to conclusion that meat jelly is the best food to eat while drinking alcohol, as well as fish jelly or any kind of jelly.

Such mediations as “Picamilonum”, “Panangin”, “Mexidol”, “Pantogam” can help to recover both your nervous system and your heart functioning. Except pills in these cases you can use natural remedies such as milk or non-alcoholic beer. You can also take anti hangover pills or “Enetrosgel”, which helps the process of detoxification of your organism, by taking away alcohol decay products, leading to unpleasant feelings. It is recommended to take this medication straight after drinking alcohol and the next morning after it, three tablespoons each time. you should take it together with mineral water.

How to survive hangover? If you can stay home after all measures being taken, take a nap and sleep. Long sleep can help to get rid of even the worst hangover. If you have to go to work or have other things to do, drink some energy drink like coffee, strong tea, or any remedy for a hangover from a drug store. The remedies to get rid of beer, vodka or wine hangover are the same.

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How to get rid of a hangover fast

So, hydrotherapy procedures. To get rid of a hangover, it is recommended to:

  1. Cold shower. As soon as you wake up and realize  that you have a hangover, and think about what to do with it, get up and take a cold shower. This will help your organism to wake up and give more energy to fight toxins. Mind the time while taking cold shower, otherwise you might need flu medications straight after getting rid of a hangover.
  2. Cold compress. If you have a headache during your hangover, using ice might help. Put a few cubes of ice into a plastic bag and put it onto your head. The blood vessels get narrower from cold and headaches vanishes.
  3. Hot bath with the volatile oils. This kind of bath makes detoxification 25 times faster. The water temperature with the oils of lavender and rosemary should be around 35-37 degrees Celsius. A hot bath helps your kidneys to desorb the salts and therefore get rid of toxins as well. The hot bath with the volatile oils should be taken not longer than 20 minutes.
  4. How to get rid of a hangover? Going to the sauna might help in this case. 2-3 times in sauna, 5 minutes each time, is enough to get rid of alcohol breakdown products.
  5. The shower with the changing temperature of water also can help to get rid of a hangover. You should start with the warm water for 3 seconds, make water hot for 2 seconds and finish the shower with the cold water for 5 seconds. If you do not know how to relieve the hangover effects, you can try this method together with other ones.

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Doing exercises while having hangover

How to overcome a hangover? Together with other methods of getting rid of a hangover, simple exercises can also help. Do some stretching exercises. It seems impossible only at the first sight. Active physical exercises very quickly fills your organism with the oxygen and gives it tone.

If you don’t know how to get rid of a hangover, exercises for your eyes might also help. Look to different sides – 30 times to the each side, and of course do not turn your head while exercising.

Even heavy hangover can be overcome with the help of breathing exercises. It is better to do it after taking a shower or a bath. Make a slow inhale – for 6 seconds, keep your breath for 6 seconds and make a slow exhale during 6 seconds as well.

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Nourishing breakfast

How to get rid of a hangover? Together with other methods of getting rid of overdosing with drinking alcohol, it is recommended to have nourishing breakfast next morning. Some people have really gargantuan appetite when they have a hangover. But even if you have nausea the next day after heavy drinking, make yourself to eat at least something. You can cook an omelet with bacon and greens. Fresh greens has a lot of vitamins for your body, especially after alcohol intoxication. It will also make your breathe fresh. If you cannot even look at food, use the best remedy for a hangover – pickled cabbage together with the brine. This product activates digestion and makes detoxification happen faster.

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Drinking plenty of liquid

How to get rid of a hangover without drinking a lot of liquid? It is not even necessary. When you have a hangover, your body needs a lot of liquid, that is why you should drink a lot of water. Not just water, but mineral water. Even better if you add some lemon juice into it (or any other fresh juice). Very good to have rosehips tincture if you have a hangover, because it contains quite a lot of vitamin C.

Everybody knows how much they want to drink pickled cucumber or cabbage brine when they have a hangover. It has its own reason, because salt keeps liquid in your body,  which is vitally necessary to organism in this situation.  Milk or kefir also help a lot in this situation, they also help in the process of detoxification. Moreover, if you drink any of the above straight after drinking alcohol, you will not think about how to get rid of a hangover the next morning.

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Traditional remedies for hangover

Peppermint and Melissa tea are very good if you have a hangover. It lets detoxification happen much sooner. The same effect have green tea, chamomile tea, milk and sour milk.

You can also make cocktail from tomato juice. You need to mix raw egg with a glass of tomato juice. Add some salt, pepper and stir it carefully.

How to get rid of a hangover quickly? Try to chew a piece of a willow bark. You can get it in a drug store.

Kvass, pickled cucumbers and cabbage brine are well known traditional remedies to treat hangovers, they help normalize fluid-and-electrolyte balance after alcohol intoxication.

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Recipes for hangover

Dandelion, rosemary, peppermint or holy thistle tea helps for a headache if you have a hangover. It is better to drink peppermint tincture : 1 tablespoon of peppermint add into 0,5 l of boiling water and leave for about half an hour. This tincture should be taken if you feel really bad – half of a glass every half an hour.

Milk drink “matsoni” – is a healing drink to live long and to solve the problem how to get rid of a hangover. In the Caucuses people always have it on the dinner table if they are going to drink alcohol. “Matsoni” can be taken instead of all other remedies for a hangover.

How to recover from a hangover quickly? Try to chew and swallow a couple of cardamom seeds (2-3 times a day). Or chew and swallow ¼ of a teaspoon of cumin seeds.

You can treat hangover at home of alcohol intoxication of your organism was not heavy. If the patient’s state does not become better after several methods of getting rid of a hangover, you should ask for medical help. In many cases drop counter for hangover helps to get rid of a heavy state of a hangover.

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How to avoid hangover

What should be done to avoid such an unpleasant state as a hangover? Do not drink alcohol. Only complete soberness will let you not to experience a hangover. But if you do not have enough of a will power, next pieces of advice will help you to answer the question about how to get rid of a hangover.

  1. Do not drink alcohol on an empty stomach. It equals intravenous injection of alcohol. Before drinking have something to eat and preferably take 5-6 pills of activated carbon.
  2. How to prevent a hangover after the rich in alcohol dinner? To avoid a hangover, eat food with the high level of carbohydrates. Which is rice, noodles and potatoes. They will absorb alcohol.  Protein, which is in contained in meat and fish, will slow down the alcohol absorption and normalize metabolism. It is not recommended to eat fatty food, because in this way you make your liver work hard, and it is already  affected by alcohol.
  3. Sugar increases alcohol absorption, that is why do not eat much desserts and grapes at the dinner.
  4. How not to feel a hangover after heavy drinking? A lot of people would like to know the answer. Try not to have alcohol too often at the party. Make breaks to socialize with your friends and dance. Try to consume alcohol not often that half an hour apart.
  5. How to get rid of a hangover? A well-known fact is not to mix alcohol drinks. People usually forget about it by the end of the party. If you started with vodka, you should drink it up to the end of the party, and not another drink. By the way, a hangover is much rare after drinking vodka, than after drinking wine, champagne or alcohol cocktails

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