How to sober up fast


Sometimes, when a person overdosed with alcohol, but there is no opportunity to get a rest and sleep till morning in situation like that. Then some actions should be taken to improve the person’s state at least for some time.

However, there are some ways that let reduce alcohol intoxication for at least a short period of time.

Motile consequences of alcohol abuse in men and women are different. Women experience motion function deceleration and later psychoemotional. Men experience it the other way around. that is why if both man and woman had a drink, it’ is better if the man drives. If you have to negotiate, a woman will be better at this than her male colleague will. The best solution, however, is not to drive or have important negotiations.

How to get sober fast

How to sober up for a short period of time

How to sober up fast a cold shower

If you need to improve the drunk person’s state for only 20-30 minutes, you can try to increase his nervous system tone. It means unexpected effect on organism from washing face with snow or cold water, taking a cold shower or a bath. An intensive massaging of earlobes or feet, chewing the bay leaf, peppermint leaves, brushing his teeth, rinsing his mouth with mineral water can help. Very often a cup of strong coffee or a mug of black tea with lemon can help as well (if you have any).

Ginger tea with honey can also help to sober up. However,  you have to remember that sweet drinks increase alcohol absorption in a stomach. That is why before drinking coffee or tea, it is better to clean the stomach, making the drunk person throwing up first.

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How to sober up for longer period of time

Sometimes you need a drunk person to sober up for longer than half an hour. In that case, you need to empty his intestine. He will need to have clyster at least three times, 2 liters each with indoor temperature water.

Next step is the stomach lavage. Take 700ml of water every time. You will need 5-8 liters of water.

If in hospital, the cleaning up of the blood from the alcohol is provided doing hemodialysis, intravenous infusions or forced diuresis. If at home, to sober a person up you need extra excess of oxygen, visit sauna or steam sauna and take diuretic medicines.

As a diuretic remedy, you can use mineral water in large amount. You can also have some non-alcohol beer. Watermelons, zucchini, strawberries, green tea, wild strawberries, oat liquor have a good diuretic effect.

If a heavily drunk person is in a good physical shape, an intense physical activity can quickly sober him up, because while exercising he is heavily sweating and the pulse level rises twice comparing to the state of being motionless.

What should to be done after both stomach and intestine are clean? After cleaning procedure you need to smell a piece of cotton wool, soaked in ammonia solution or any other liquid with the strong smell. Next you should take quick dissolving ascorbic acid pills, 2,5 gr per 70 kg of weight.

In 15 minutes you have to take 10 ml of 5% vitamin B1 solution. You can buy it packed into ampules for injections. The best decision is to take vitamin B1 in 20% glucose solution.

As alcohol intoxication is caused by the alcohol effect on the brain, a lot of things depend on the brain activity. that is why you can fight alcohol intoxication with the intense intellectual activity. If a sober person seriously talks to a drunk man, or he will make him recall some important details from his life, solve the puzzles, in that case alcohol won’t affect the person’s brain that bad and alcohol intoxication will not be that strong.

What should be done after sobering up actions? Of course, not to drink alcohol. And have at least 3 hour sleep.

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10 traditional methods to sober up quickly

How to sober up fast by means of fruit

Eat a lot of fruits with the high level of fructose. Pears, sweet apples, bananas, peaches, strawberries, grapes, oranges and grapefruit will help to sober up quicker.

How to sober up fast by means of honey

Eating honey also helps to sober up, because it also contains fructose and carbohydrates. You can’t have honey with a lot of water, because it can cause vomiting or upset stomach. If you don’t have any honey, you can have jam.

How to sober up fast by means of coca cola and milk

Americans use coca cola and milk to sober up. If you have those in your fridge, try to have them and get in shape at least for some time. Milk is considered by doctors the remedy, which prevents quick absorbing of alcohol, so, take care of your health and drink a glass of milk before you’re going to have any alcohol!

How to sober up fast by means of peppermint

Peppermint tincture is a great remedy to sober up. You have to prepare it beforehand. A glass of water with 20 drops of peppermint tincture will help a person with alcohol intoxication to recover. How is peppermint tincture made? Add one teaspoon of dry peppermint into ne glass of vodka and keep it in a closed container for a week.

How to sober up fast by means of spirit ammonia

A good sobering effect have raspberries. There is one more way to sober a person up, although not very pleasant! It is spirit of ammonia! Take a glass of water, add 5-6 drops spirit of ammonia and let the drunk person drink it.

How to sober up fast by means of intellectual activity

Pull yourself together, or rather make yourself think hard-solve the crosswords or read the book even if it seems too difficult for you to do. Intensive intellectual activity will help to sober you up.

How to sober up fast by means of walk

Go outside and walk fast, so that your body had a good exercise and cheered up. Processing of alcohol will be faster in that case and you sober up more quickly. Don’t smoke by no means, because there is already too much of toxins in your body.

How to sober up fast by means of sour juice

To recover after heavy alcohol intoxication try to take a tablet of aspirin, or have a glass of sour juice – apple, orange or tomato.

How to sober up fast by means of cocktail

A cocktail made of  pinch of black and chili pepper, a pinch of salt with 1 teaspoon of sunflower oil, 1 egg yolk and 2 spoons of tomato paste. Mix vinegar and horseradish separately and add the mix of egg, tomato paste and pepper into it. Drink it in one gulp.

How to sober up fast by means of reflexology

A human body has many important points that is why one-minute acupuncture therapy can help to clear up your mind even under severe alcohol intoxication. Find the spots between the nose and the upper lip, between the basis of the thumb and index finger on the left hand – for the right-handed and on the right hand – for the left-handed people.

How do you know that you have spot the correct point on your body? If you are right, you will feel a strong pain there. With the tip of your thumb touch the skin on the spot and then pressed with power. Do movements in a circle with the frequency of 2 movements in a second. The skin should move over the muscles, but the thumb should stay on the spot. 30-50 seconds is enough to feel the result.

There is one more way to sober up even a deadly drunk man. There are three steps in it:

  1. Make a drunk person to take the tip of his nose with his middle and index fingers and pull his nose. Let him massage his nose until he feels not very strong pain. It will reinforce the blood circulation for the next step.
  2. Put the bottle with spirit of ammonia to his nose and tell him inhale it. The inhale should lst for 1-2 seconds.
  3. Fix  sobering effect massaging his temples with your fingertips, wetted in spirit of ammonia.

Don’t hurry to drive after doing this, regardless how sober you feel!

All those methods have a short sober up effect and help to lessen alcohol intoxication consequences. Remember the rule to be moderate in everything…

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How to drink alcohol the right way

In order not to get heavily drunk and let others have fun as well as yourself, remember the main rules how to drink alcohol:

  • don’t mix alcohol drinks, regardless even their high quality. If you have t drink different alcohol drinks, stick to the rule and drink light drinks first and strong drinks later, rise the degree of alcohol.
  • remember to eat well while drinking alcohol. Moreover, the quality of food effects the level of alcohol intoxication. Hot meat dishes, oily fish, salads, dressed with mayonnaise, potato dramatically lower alcohol intoxication. Besides, have a drink at least 30 minutes apart.
  • don’t drink alcohol through the straw. This way blood starts absorbing alcohol already in the mouth and quickly spreads all over the body. Keep in mind and don’t keep alcohol in your mouth long, otherwise you will get drunk very soon.

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