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Alcoholics Anonymous

The complete abolition from alcoholism is not just the release of craving for alcohol, but the return to a normal life. But this is impossible without integration into society and adaptation. Therefore, abroad and now in our country, the movement of Alcoholics Anonymous had been created to support people being treated from alcohol dependence. In such societies, people are assisted in social problems resolving.


Harmful Effects of Alcohol

All people are aware to some extent that harmful effects of alcohol on human’s organism is dramatic. Consequences of long time alcohol consumption are always negative, starting with harmless at first glance short periods of blackouts and up to serious diseases and even lethal outcome.


Alcohol abuse prevention

The fact that it is better to prevent a disease than treat is well-known. Alcohol abuse is a disease and its prevention is of the great importance in modern society. Alcohol abuse prevention is a set of activities, aimed to root out people’s pathological dependence on alcohol.


Beer alcoholism

Despite many people’s opinion that beer is a harmless soft drink, researchers insist on the opposite. Specialists, studying the problem of alcoholism, point out the wrong way alcohol drinks have been ranged according their harm degree, because there are no harmless alcohol drinks.


Rehabilitation centers for alcoholics

Alcoholics’ rehabilitation is a series of actions to help alcoholics quit their addiction and help them to return beck to normal life style, into their families, society, environment and job. Moreover, rehabilitation aims to restore person’s balance without drinking alcohol.


Causes of alcoholism

Alcoholism is a severe problem nowadays. The causes of alcoholism may vary. Some people drink alcohol moderately and they don’t have to worry about developing an alcohol addiction, when others, tasted alcohol once, can’t stop and become alcoholics. Why does alcohol affect people that differently?


Stages of alcoholism

Alcoholism in a form of a disease doesn’t evolve in a day, it develops into form of illness gradually. That is why therapists, treating alcohol addiction diagnose the disease on several symptoms instead of only one (drinking alcohol). A person that only yesterday was a heavy drinker can become an alcoholic the next day.

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Why do people drink alcohol?

Everybody has his own “relationship” with alcohol at different times in his or her life. Some drink occasionally, others can have a glass of wine when special occasion is being celebrated, and, unfortunately, there is a growing number of people who cannot imagine living without alcohol.

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