Alcohol abuse prevention


The fact that it is better to prevent a disease than treat is well-known. Alcohol abuse is a disease and its prevention is of the great importance in modern society. Alcohol abuse prevention is a set of activities, aimed to root out people’s pathological dependence on alcohol.

Alcohol Abuse Prevention to explain

The main methods of this prevention is to explain how alcohol affects human’s organism and outline the reasons of alcohol addiction development, point out alcohol abuse symptoms as well as forming negative attitude to drinking alcohol in people’s minds. Restriction of alcohol manufacturing, distribution and selling is also one of the methods to prevent alcohol abuse development. Legal acts from the state, medical institutions, psychologists, family members and school authorities also have the goal to fight alcohol abuse spreading.

One of the state goals is to form a new lifestyle of its citizens , when drinking alcohol was on the second place and alcohol abuse became unacceptable in the whole society. To get this several steps should be done:

  • To control the quality of alcohol, produced in the country;
  • The  ban on sale of alcohol to people under the age of 18;
  • Strict limit on places where alcohol can be bought or drunk;
  • To create the atmosphere when drinking alcohol is not acceptable on a working place;
  • To introduce into practice administrative and criminal responsibility for being drunk in public places;
  • To advertise how harmful alcohol is to person’s body and mind;
  • To find alcohol addicts at work, or those who can potentially become alcoholics and to use individual measures of influence to each of them.

Alcohol abuse prevention is especially important when we talk about teenagers. Young people discussions and lectures about negative effect of alcohol on teenager’s organism and brain. Posters, newsletters and brochures are used in this work. Growing generation should be aware not only of the harmful effect that alcohol cause to people but they should also know the laws, aimed to fight alcohol abuse and what punishment is awaiting for those who breaks those laws.

Of course, it is not enough to use only restrictive measures in a fight with the long lasting evil, called alcoholism. Alcohol abuse prevention among teenagers should be aimed towards organization of healthy leisure time for young people, such as creating different clubs, sport clubs and hobby groups. Religious organizations have also educational influence on teenagers, because there is no religion in the world that is compatible with drinking alcohol. Except the government, very important in alcohol abuse prevention are non-government organizations. To organize healthy leisure time for people is one of their main goals. It is only possible when there is a wide range of entertainment and sports institutions, like stadiums, swimming pools, sport centers, theatres and concert halls to spread sports activities among the citizens of the state.

Alcohol abuse prevention among people who went through the therapy

The very special place in alcohol abuse prevention takes work with the people who used to be alcoholics but managed to go through the therapy. To return the person completely to the normal life, he needs to normalize his nervous system, possible conflicts prevention and courses of therapy in specialized hospitals to prevent alcohol abuse recurrence in a new life of a former alcohol addict. That is why it is necessary to create a relaxed atmosphere in a family and stop any contacts with the used-to-be-friends. Very often it is even better to move and to change the job in order to not to yield to temptation and start drinking again. The free time of a person who used to abuse alcohol should be filled with useful and interesting activities.

Those who just recently quitted drinking, sometimes can experience periods of high irritability. It can affect the quality of their sleep. Insomnia and nightmares connected to drinking alcohol can happen. A very obvious desire to have some alcohol can also occur. If this feeling becomes intolerable, a person should ask the therapist for help again to get the proper treatment in a special institution.

Treating hepatitis, gastritis and pancreatitis is a part of alcohol abuse prevention in case with the former alcohol addicts. The right diet is also very important in order to avoid the situation when a person is hungry, because the feeling of being full suppresses the need in drinking alcohol. And hunger increases in former alcoholic desire to get a drink.

A person should realize that he will not be able to drink moderately and that is why he cannot drink at all. A lot of people who used to be heavy drinkers cannot accept this ide, because they think that after the therapy they can sometimes get a drink as all people.

Even for those who are not alcoholics any more, discussions and lectures about the way, alcohol harms the health and identifying the symptoms of alcoholism are necessary. Other people’s examples who managed to quit drinking, is of great importance to former alcoholics on their way to the sober way of life. People who had a successful therapy get a good help going to hobby clubs and clubs of former alcoholics.

20 Tips for Alcohol abuse prevention

Any actions to prevent alcohol abuse will not be effective if the person does not start working on it himself. How not to feel drawn to alcohol and destroy all previous therapy? Here are some advice that might help to abstract oneself from the urge to get a drink.

  1. Do not keep alcohol at home in order to avoid temptation.
  2. Alcohol Abuse Prevention to get rid of alcohol

  3. Spend more time with your family. Start improving relationship that were ruined during long years of alcohol addiction.
  4. Alcohol Abuse Prevention Family

  5. Start working again or find a new job that you like. Being busy will let you not to be bored and vanish all thoughts about alcohol. Those thought usually come when you do nothing. Moreover, you will improve your economy while working. It will also help you get more socializing.
  6. Alcohol Abuse Prevention Work

  7. Find the time for your hobby. The feeling you get from doing what you like will help you to enlarge a zone of pleasure and will rise your self-esteem.
  8. Alcohol Abuse Prevention Hobby

  9. Accept the fact, that you have problems with alcohol and go to see psychologist if you need to.
  10. Alcohol Abuse Prevention Psychologist

  11. Take up sports which will help you to keep fit, adequately estimate yourself and realize your own abilities.
  12. Alcohol Abuse Prevention Sport

  13. Work on your inner conflicts. Alcohol addiction is a not a biological problem but psychological. That is why working on yourself is a good preventive measure when we speak about alcoholism.
  14. Alcohol Abuse Prevention Internal Conflict

  15. Accept yourself the way you are, admitting both positive and negative treats of your personality. Realizing your shortcomings, you will be able to work and improve your personality.
  16. Alcohol Abuse Prevention Personal Qualities

  17. Get rid of feeling that you are guilty. Many people who used to abuse alcohol blame themselves for things they did while drunk to their friends and family. Sometimes this feeling is so strong that a person cannot get rid of it and starts drinking again. It is better to ask for help of you cannot cope this feeling yourself.
  18. Alcohol Abuse Prevention Guilt

  19. Get rid of anxiety. High anxiety is a common trait of people who have problems with alcohol. Anxiety is a fear of the future events, usually groundless and baseless. A person does not realize what he is scared of. Being anxious everything is seen in negative perspective and he want to escape this feeling with the help of alcohol.
  20. Alcohol Abuse Prevention Anxiety

  21. Admit the drawbacks in your life and try to solve the problems you have. Every time you solve another problem, your self-esteem rises.
  22. Alcohol Abuse Prevention Difficulties

  23. Avoid watching TV programs with a lot of negative information, like news about road accidents, diseases or tragic events. This kind of information only increases your anxiety and can cause the feeling to have a drink to avoid anxiety.
  24. Alcohol Abuse Prevention Negative

  25. Broad the range of things you like. Let pleasant music, delicacies, an interesting book, a pleasant trip, a good film, a new thing, time with your pet become those things that can make you feel happy. In this way you will think less about alcohol.
  26. Alcohol Abuse Prevention Book

  27. Broaden your horizons. Go to the cinemas, theatres and museums. Get involved into public activities. It will also rise our self-esteem and become a source of new things you might enjoy.
  28. Alcohol Abuse Prevention Horizons

  29. Get out more. Abstract yourself from routine and usual situations. Change at least a bit your cozy usual atmosphere. It is good for self-development and taking responsibility for your own life.
  30. Alcohol Abuse Prevention Walk

  31. Accept yourself as a personality. When you feel yourself a personality, it will become the first step n your way to your life changes, tightly connected with quitting drinking alcohol.
  32. Alcohol Abuse Prevention Personality

  33. Pay attention to your appearance. Take care of your hair and clothes, keep up with the fashion. Being happy with your own look is another thing that stimulates you to further self-development.
  34. Alcohol Abuse Prevention Appearance

  35. If you feel that you can start drinking again, do not wait for it to happen, ask for help from psychologist.
  36. Alcohol Abuse Prevention Appearance

  37. Find out where the anonymous alcoholics club is and join it. Talking to people with the similar problems is a great support on t=your way to the sober way of life.
  38. Alcohol Abuse Prevention Anonymous Alcoholics

  39. Game for children.

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