Rehabilitation centers for alcoholics


Alcoholics’ rehabilitation is a series of actions to help alcoholics quit their addiction and help them to return beck to normal life style, into their families, society, environment and job. Moreover, rehabilitation aims to restore person’s balance without drinking alcohol.

In other words the problem of alcoholics’ rehabilitation is the number of actions to rebuild their previous state and to quit alcohol addiction.

The program of rehabilitation can be complicated with alcohol becoming an essential part of metabolic processes of an alcoholic.The patient also develops strong psychological addiction to alcohol. Whatever he does he cannot manage to stop drinking physically unless he seeks the professional help.

The earlier the decision was made the more successful the result in overcoming this addiction will be. The patient chooses the best way of treatment among many, but just after starting the therapy he feels being apart from his usual environment.  The person who had suffered a lot both physically and mentally realizes that the therapy does not have the effect he expected, and that returning to his normal life is not as easy as he expected.

Of course, physical addiction is overcome and there are no withdrawals any more and a lot of processes in his organism are normalizing. But in a while the problem of alcoholism can get back. Unfortunately, the cases of alcoholics starting drinking again are not rare. To avoid this he should take a course of social rehabilitation. Its goal is to make a person addicting to alcohol feel completely healthy after the therapy he had. It definitely requires time and both his and his relatives and friends efforts.

The rehabilitation centre for alcoholics is an institution where the person gets opportunity to fight the consequences of alcohol abuse, start a new healthy way of life and become an equal member of a society.

During rehabilitation process patients get rid of the alcohol effect on their tissues (because alcohol does not disappear from the fat tissues and leads to physical addiction). They also get rid of psychological addiction to alcohol, developing new skills of useful and meaningful life in a society.

For some patients stop drinking completely is panacea from getting back to alcohol addiction. However, others are on the stage, when after rehabilitation program they still can have some small doses of alcohol afterwards.

Alcoholics’ rehabilitation is a real help to people in reconstructing all spheres of their lives that let them lead normal life in the society and not remember about alcohol abuse and withdrawals. After getting help at the rehabilitation centre for alcohol and drug addicts, a person can enjoy every day without being addicted to what he was used to, in our case it’s alcohol.

Orthodox rehabilitation centers for alcoholics

There is a chain of Christian rehabilitation centres for alcohol and drug addicted people in our country, where people get free from those harmful addictions through the presence of God. Christian rehabilitation centers differ from the usual ones with their programs, because their rehabilitation programs do not use medication and psychological methods of full recovery. But in spite of this people who come to the Christian rehabilitation centre get rid of their heavy physical and emotional addiction very soon. During rehabilitation process, alcoholics and drug addicts learn about God and strengthen their faith, and those who were not religious become ones.

Orthodox rehabilitation centre for alcoholics works using the program, rebuilding the personality of alcohol and drug addicts physically, mentally and emotionally. In those centres they learn the Bible, read religious books and have sincere conversations. Apart of that, the program in the Christian rehabilitation centre always includes job therapy. Those are mostly constructing and agricultural works. Everybody can get a degree in religion if he wants.

People, who lost everything they had because of their harmful addiction, after being treated in a Christian rehabilitation centre trust their lives to God, believe in their recovery and become equal members of the society. Many of them get married, get a good job, but some of them stay and work in the centre to let their addicted friends find the new sense in their lives.

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How to choose rehabilitation center

How to choose a good rehabilitation centre with the most effective program? Rehabilitation is a system that needs quality examination. That is why do not be shy and ask questions to the personal of the centre, ask them about meeting people who were that centre patients and make sure those people became the equal members of the society. Because the real rehabilitation of alcoholics is a complete emancipation from the addiction they had. It means people don’t drink alcohol for five, seven or ten years, enjoy sober life and do not want to think about alcohol. Real rehabilitation means recovery of all person’s abilities, his place in a society and mental health.

If you see those things in a centre you have chosen, that means you have found what you were looking for. Now everything is up to you. Be sure that rehabilitation from alcoholism is possible and don’t lose your desire to become an equal member of the society.

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