Why do people drink alcohol?


Everybody has his own “relationship” with alcohol at different times in his or her life. Some drink occasionally, others can have a glass of wine when special occasion is being celebrated, and, unfortunately, there is a growing number of people who cannot imagine living without alcohol.

Anyway, directly or indirectly, alcohol is present in our lives. Directly, when person himself or one of his family members depends on it. Indirectly, when people like this live next to us, when you see drunk people sleeping on the ground, or when innocent people become victims of crimes, committed by alcoholics.

reasons why people drink alcohol

Those of us who do not drink alcohol often wonder why people drink, even realizing the consequences and what is pleasant about being drunk?

Drinking to get warm – benefit or harm?

Having some alcohol to get warm is common. In fact, alcohol expands blood vessels and you feel warm. That’s why a lot of people, working outside or in the non-heated premises in low temperatures drink alcohol to keep themselves warm, becoming dependent on alcohol.

Alcoholics make any excuses to have a booze. They believe that alcohol is good to take as a medicine when you get a flu and some other illnesses, including problems with the gastrointestinal tract. Although it is one of the contraindications for ulcer.

Another reason why people drink is a strong belief that alcohol boosts your appetite, makes you relaxed, helps to cope with stress and gives the right mood to socialize. That is why people drink when they had a tough day, got sick or need more confidence to socialize.

One more reason, people think of as important to get a drink while hiking, is high amount of calories in alcohol that provides you with enough energy.

What is true and what is not when we discuss so called benefits of drinking alcohol? In medicine, alcohol is used only for disinfection and not to cure patients. Long time  ago at one of the Pirogov medical conference was declared that there is no organ in human’s body that cannot be destroyed by the alcohol and that alcohol doesn’t have such a unique qualities that other safer, more reliable medicines have.

Therefore, all magical alcohol qualities are no more than a delusion of those who drink it, used to make an extra excuse for a drink.

For example, increasing appetite after having drinking some alcohol is one of such delusions. At the very beginning, increasing amount of gastric juice, it can increase the appetite.But in general alcohol (including beer) is harmful for digesting because it prevents liver and pancreas proper functioning.

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Drinking habits of the past

Professor Vladimir Bekhterev (1857-1927) when asked about why people drink alcohol answered that the main reasons are psychological. He also pointed out that “alcoholism is the worst evil” having such deep roots in people’s routine that traditionally it is a must to drink either celebrating something or being unhappy.

These habits are still alive and aren’t easy to get rid of. It is considered that if you are one of the wedding guests you have to drink. Otherwise you are showing disrespect to the couple. Why do men drink? To show that they are “real” men. For some people being able to drink a lot means being a strong man. But this is what people who drink alcohol think. In fact, if you can refuse the drink you have strong personality. Some people drink to improve their mood.

Alcohol is not a vital need for a human, contrary to the need of food, water and fresh air. That’s why people start drink alcohol because you can easily purchase it and just because it exists. One more reason to drink alcohol is social traditions and superstitions.

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Why do Russians drink alcohol?

What is the origin of alcoholism in our society? Learning alcohol traditions starts long before a person can actually drink alcohol or even before the person’s intention to taste it. A child at the dining table waits for adults pour juice or mineral water in his glass and he is ready to say “cheers”. This is how children learn drinking rituals. Drinking alcohol becomes mandatory attribute of socializing or having a party. It consciously becomes a symbol of being adult.

Teenagers gave different ways to get acquainted with the alcohol. But there are some patterns for every age. Children under 11 usually taste alcohol accidentally. It happens that parents give alcohol to their kids to cure cold or flu or to increase the appetite of a child. Sometimes children, especially boys, taste strong drinks themselves just to know how it tastes. Another reason for the fist time having alcohol is a family holiday.

Why do teenagers drink alcohol? By the age of 14-15 years, there are more reasons to have a drink than just a family occasion. They can have a drink because everybody else in their company does it, or to have more courage, or not being able to say ”no” to their friends. Such reasons to have a strong drink for the first time are common for boys. Most common reasons to drink alcohol for girls are more traditional. Like having a glass of wine on a birthday party. Usually it happens on a family event together with the parents who don’t object  it. Whatever the reason is, afterwards the teen thinks it does no harm to him even if he has another drink with his peers or even alone, when there is a chance to have it.

There is a saying that “alcoholism starts with a small glass, as the river starts from a small spring”.

The reasons of drinking alcohol by teens can be divided into into two groups. The first group originates at the urge of following traditions and experiencing new impressions. Those feelings are formed under the special features of teenagers’ psychology. Teens want to be older and don’t want to be a “dark sheep”. The lack of experience and knowledge to socialize with others and sometimes shyness in socializing with the opposite sex becomes a reason to have some alcohol and have more courage to approach others.

Some people a much more shy when they are younger. That is why young people drink alcohol to show off their courage and physical strength. Very often they lose control over themselves being drunk.

Usually teenagers don’t want to drink any alcohol straight after the first time they have tasted it. The reason is that alcohol isn’t as tasty as they imagined it would be. If the teenager had too much of alcohol, being sick and dizzy might reduce his desire to drink more. But, unfortunately, not for a long time.

Turning 16 and getting to university teenagers might be tempted to drink alcohol. And here is another reason for it: boredom. According to psychologists, boredom is a state of emotional hunger. Those teenagers who have low cognitive interest. As soon as they start drinking they drop off any social activity.

Both low level of morality and lack of self confidence make those young people look for a company of the same people. But it is only their delusion which has a really destructive effect in future.

Many teenagers drink to get relaxed or reduce the stress they have at school or in a family. All in all, teenagers who are more likely to drink alcohol mostly have no goals and spend their time playing cars, hanging out with friends or clubbing. Gradually alcohol becomes the main thing in their lives. Some young adults can think that any problem in their life can be solved by drinking alcohol.

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Why do women drink alcohol?

Women drinking alcohol are criticized much more than men in any society. Why are women not allowed to drink? Women get used to alcohol much faster than men. Usually a woman drinks on her own, hiding this habit from others. Often it is already too late for a family to help the woman when they learn about her being an alcoholic and almost always she needs the help of a doctor. You can’t force a woman to go to the hospital. Very seldom a woman can admit the fact that she depends on drinking alcohol.

The reasons to start drinking can vary from being lonely to problems with the children. Any stress can cause woman’s alcoholism. It’s easier this way. The problems don’t seem that serious when you are drunk. Although every woman has hard times in her life, not every woman starts drinking. Usually emotionally weak women become dependent on alcohol.

Another problem is the easiness of getting alcohol.

Not only a woman suffers from being an alcoholic. The whole family do and most of all her children. Children, born from an alcoholic woman can also become ones when grow up. Sometimes children, who grew up in a family of alcoholics start drinking being teenagers. Moreover, very often drinking women have mentally or physically ill babies.

If there is a problem with alcohol in a family, a woman very often asks herself why does her husband drinks and tries to help him as much as she can. On the other hand, if a woman has the same problem her spouse does not tolerate it for long…

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Why it is bad for you to drink beer

Beer is an alcohol drink and you can easily develop addiction to it. Many people think they can have as much beer as they want with no harm to their health, which is a common mistake.

Why can you not drink beer? This drink is even more harmful than wine or vodka. First, beer contains alcohol as any other strong drink. The lower content of alcohol is compensated by the amount of beer people drink.

Another reason for not drinking beer is high concentration of cobalt that affect your heart, gullet and stomach. People who drink a lot of beer develop so called “Bavarian heart”. The person’s heart becomes quaggy and does not work the way it should.

All kinds of beer also contain hop, which makes you aggressive and provoke atrophy of brain cells.

Why do people drink that much? Do they not realize the destructive effects of it? The answer is that they might realize it, but their body doesn’t let them stop. Alcohol is a drug, which fills the brain cells and makes a person feel pleasant emotions and not being stressed. But this is a short term effect. In a while your brain needs another portion of alcohol. Every time you want to break your addiction, a special part in your brain gets activated and you feel depressed. The result of drinking alcohol is slow decay of personality.

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