Alcohol Dependence Treatment


The main treat in alcohol addiction is that person becomes dependent on alcohol. That is why the main goal in alcohol dependence treatment is to free a person from alcohol dependence. From the point of view of psychologists and psychiatrists, any dependence is pathological subordination of a person to someone or something. Whether the subject that person depends on is alive or not, it becomes determinative in his life, whereas other things and intentions, which are more important subordinate to that main subject.

Alcohol Dependence Treatment

Among all types of addiction, alcoholism has a special place, because it is a mass disease. Alcohol dependence is characteristic only to alcoholics and it is not curable. It means that whatever remedies were used to treat alcohol addiction, a reclaimed drunkard or person, who quit drinking, can never drink any alcohol again. Even the tiniest dose of alcohol makes the pathological mechanism work, when desire to drink increases in several times. After a long period of not drinking alcohol, even after consuming a small amount of it, a person develops shiver in his limbs, insomnia, and he cannot stop thinking about alcohol anymore.

Alcohol dependence starts imperceptibly, and often, a person does not realize he is dependents on alcohol, and when he realizes  that he has a problem, it is too late to treat it. You can discover if you are dependent on alcohol taking a special test on alcohol dependence. With its help one can discover alcohol dependence symptoms, if there are any.

How to get off alcohol dependence?

Fighting alcohol dependence is a set of measures. There are a number of methods which help to quit alcohol dependence, but they have one similar trait – a person, addicted to alcohol must voluntarily stop drinking. On the next step, special medications are used to treat alcoholism. The last step of the therapy is help in adaptation of a patient to everyday life without drinking alcohol.

Whatever  successful alcoholism treating methods are, one of the most effective ways of therapy of this widely spread disease is therapeutic counselling. Psychological effect on patient is aimed to form negative attitude towards any alcohol drinks in his mind. This effective method — psychotherapy for alcohol dependence (so called “coding” from alcohol dependence) – has confirmed its effectiveness for many years and is still used in alcohol dependence therapy. The methods of “coding” from alcohol dependence can vary. The shortcoming of this method might be the fact, that a patient without special adaptation to everyday normal life can start drinking again and bring the whole therapy to nothing. Except this, all psychological methods of alcohol dependence therapy  depend on individual characteristics of a person and this kind of treatment should be provided only by qualified specialists in rehab centers.

How to get off alcohol dependence?

To quit alcohol addiction can be possible using forbidding medication methods as well. Unlike “coding”, this method is only safe when a patient, who takes medicines to treat alcohol dependence, keeps to absolute soberness during the therapy.

Alcohol dependence treatment is a complex therapy, and one of its most important goals is to rehabilitation of the patient’s organism after long period of drinking alcohol. To aim this, special medication that normalize internal organs, nervous system and cardiovascular system functioning are used.

It would be wrong to underestimate the role of psychological therapy in alcohol dependent patients treatment. Because if a person, dependent on alcohol, does not have enough self-confidence and is not sure he can achieve his goals, his bias toward alcohol can get back and the results of it might be much more serious. That is why special medications should be taken together with the psychological therapy in rehabilitation process.

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Can alcoholic be treated without realizing it?

How to cope with alcohol addiction of your loved ones, if they do not realize that they are ill and do not have any intention or wish to be treated? There are quite a few folk healing methods that can help in treating alcoholism. But their effectiveness is controversial. Talking about effectiveness of  alcohol dependence therapy it is proved that special medications are the most effective in this case. Taking most of those medications without patients knowing it is forbidden, although they rarely harm the person’s health.

In any case, on the first stages of alcohol dependence treatment it is better to pursue one that he needs to take a therapy. If he realizes that he ruins both himself and his family with this harmful addiction, the therapy effect will stay for the rest of his life.

Can alcoholic be treated without realizing it

Whatever reasons for alcohol dependence are, family therapy has a very positive effect in most cases. It lets the patient to alter his desire and motivation to drink into realizing of the necessity being treated from alcohol dependence. The therapy can be provided even without the presence of a person who drinks himself, only with his family members or relatives participation.  Psychological technique “therapist – the family of alcoholic” or “therapist – one of the family members” is used in this case. The main idea of this technique is that patient’s family members are learning to special kind of behavior with their relative who is abusing alcohol. They also learn to accept his behavior in a special way. After these meetings with the therapist, people realize psychological features of their ill relative and can help him to focus on being sober.

Alcohol dependence syndrome often has pure psychological origins. That is why the above method can become the first step on the way to the major alcohol dependence treatment.

Compulsory medical treatment is possible in cases when close relatives of the patient cannot persuade him in voluntary medical treatment. There are a lot of special medication that can be taken to help person in alcohol dependence treatment and that can really prevent him from drinking alcohol. Some of those medication can be given to the patient even without his permission.

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Methods of alcohol dependence treatment

To solve the problem of being alcohol addicted different methods are used in every personal case. Psychotherapeutic methods are among modern methods of alcohol dependence treatment, for instance, alcohol addiction therapy, based on Dovzhenko method, perfectly recommended itself in the 80s of the last century. Using special medication is also proved to be effective, together with the non-conventional methods. For example, special herbs to treat alcohol dependence are used in herbal medicine.

Acupuncture is another alternative method of alcohol dependence treatment, which was borrowed from the East. When a patient is treated with acupuncture method he experiences the influence on particular centers of his body, which are responsible for physical and psychological dependence from alcohol, thus, acupuncture takes away the person’s thirst for alcohol.

The latest known method of alcohol dependence treatment on cellular level is not widely used yet in medical practice. It is based on learning of individual characteristics of patient’s organism, his illnesses and internal organs’ disorders and developing individual course of treatment according to these facts.

In integrated treatment of alcohol dependence laser is a frequent element of the therapy. Using laser lowers patient’s physical need in drinking alcohol, increases positive effect of medications and also improves cardiovascular system, liver and pancreas functioning.

Using psychotherapy and hypnotherapy in alcohol dependence treatment was proved to be very efficient method. Many variants of alcohol dependence treatment with the help of hypnosis have been developed. The most common method is so called “coding” alcohol dependence based on hypnosis therapy, which is related to medical assisted methods of treatment.

Alcohol dependence is a serious disease and cannot be treated at home  giving the proper therapeutic effects. You cannot be serious about healers and “magicians” promises to help you, especially if we are talking about alcoholism among teenagers.

The most effective method of alcohol dependence treatment is therapy in special hospitals so far, especially if the case is quite serious. Each of the methods is supposed to be anonymous, which meant therapists understand their patients who are interested in this information and the process stay private and were only known by close relatives.

As we can see coping alcohol addiction is not restricted only by the traditional methods – hypnosis, “coding” and others. However, alternative methods of alcohol dependence treatment have not proved their effectiveness over traditional methods. Probably, it is just a matter of time, or maybe those alternative methods need some improvements.

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A war on female alcoholism

Female alcoholism is even more serious problem than male alcoholism, because very often children suffer from their mothers drinking alcohol. The main characteristic of women, addicted to alcohol is frequent mood swings. When a woman consume alcohol regularly, she sometimes experiences depression without any obvious reasons to have it and as a result she has suicidal inclinations and thoughts.

Women become dependent on alcohol gradually and unwittingly but very quickly. The wish to have some alcohol every day appears more often, and in the end, there is a moment when woman becomes addicted to alcohol and needs immediate and effective alcohol therapy. The problem is that women do not admit the fact that they are ill and refuse to have therapy.

A war on female alcoholism

The fact that women need specialized help to get out of the state of alcohol abuse is very important. If she can do this herself at the first stages of alcoholism, she might need treatment in a specialized hospital later on. Many rehabilitation centers offer free alcohol therapy for some groups of people. The prices are almost often affordable for a family with the average earnings.

The ways of treatment female alcoholism are not very different from those, which are used in treating male alcoholism. Pills and drops, reducing alcohol dependence are often used in such therapy, which means that in many cases alcoholism can be treated without using the “coding” method. Psychotherapy is very important in treating female alcoholism. Therapists take into consideration the fact that women have better reaction to any single word. That is why psychotherapy takes into account all details of female psychology.

If you do not pay attention to female alcoholism in time, the consequences can be dramatic. Statistically 10% of crimes, committed by women were under the state of alcohol abuse. According to the specialists, it is difficult to fight female alcoholism, because women keep the problem to themselves for a long time and do not tell about it their relatives. Being alone with such a problem, women very often degrade mentally. Which means they will need longer therapy later.

Alcohol treatment in special hospitals is more effective comparing to those that are provided at home, using pills o drops for alcohol dependence treatment. Methods that are used in special clinics aim to detox organism from toxins after a long period of alcohol consumption, metabolism processes and nervous system recovery. In specialized hospitals female patients have séances that stimulate alcohol abhorrence in patients. But what is more important for female alcoholics is psychological support from their relatives and friends. Only having this support a woman can recover and get back to routine and forget she was once an alcoholic, which was a nightmare.

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