Alcoholism treatment


Alcoholism is a scourge of our time. This disease is developed because of abnormal addiction from alcohol. That is why, during alcoholism treatment the main goal is to help the person to quit this addiction.

Any kind of addiction is pathological itself. When a person is dependent on something or somebody, all his thoughts and desires are controlled by this addiction, while everything else, really important in his life is on the second place.

Alcoholism treatment

Only people, who suffer from alcoholism develop alcohol addiction. And it is inevitable. Which means, whatever you used to treat alcoholism, a person, who quit drinking alcohol temporarily or permanently, cannot have even the smallest amounts of alcohol till the end of his life. Some former alcoholics mistakenly think that half of glass of vodka will do no harm to them. It is wrong, because even after drinking the smallest amount of alcohol, they get their pathological desire to alcohol again and their wish to have more alcohol will be several times stronger in the future.

Casual drinking is not alcoholism, but it is very easy to cross the line, that separates these two conceptions. Thus, if there are doubts about if someone an alcoholic or not, it is better to take a test, which can identify alcohol addiction. If casual drinking already has become an alcohol addiction, you should take some steps immediately.

Methods of alcohol addiction treatment

There are different methods  of alcoholism treatment, but during every single case, the patient should stop drinking alcohol completely. It depends on the person if he will do this voluntarily or under the pressure. Alcohol addiction treatment means integrated approach to the problem of alcohol addiction. The main phase of alcoholism treatment is characterized by taking medicines to treat alcoholism and on the last stage the help in adapting to a new sober life, excluding alcohol consumption completely, is the main goal.

Modern methods, used for alcoholism treatment are rather effective, however complete recover from alcohol addiction is only possible when psychotherapy is included in the process of alcohol addiction treatment.

The patient is affected psychologically to evolve negative attitude towards drinking alcohol. This method is called “coding”. It proved its effectiveness long time ago and this method is successfully used in alcohol addiction treatment nowadays. This method has one shortcoming, though. It has a high possibility that the patient can start drinking gain and then the whole process of alcoholism treatment becomes worthless. Moreover, psychological methods of alcoholism treatment depend on the mental condition of every single person, so, this kind of therapy should be provided only by the highly qualified therapists.

Unlike alcoholism treatment with psychological methods, taking special medications to prevent alcohol consumption is less harmful to the patient. This method has its shortcomings though as well. This method does not harm the patient only if the last does not consume alcohol while taking these medications.

Alcoholism treatment means comprehensive approach to the patient’s health. The milestone in alcohol addiction treatment is complete recovery of the person’s organism, who consumed alcohol for a long time and in huge doses. Special medications to achieve this goal are used. Those medications normalize internal organs functioning, as well as cardiovascular and nervous systems functioning.

One cannot forget about major role of psychological aspects during alcohol addiction treatment. Special medications should be taken together with receiving help from highly qualified psychological therapists. Only person, who has high level of self-esteem can completely quit pathological addiction to drinking alcohol. Otherwise, the disease can develop again and this time, it would be even more difficult to treat it.

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Is it possible to treat the alcoholic without asking his permission?

There are quite a few traditional remedies, which can let you to treat alcoholism addiction without professional help. But the effect of this treatment is rather doubtful. You cannot take this risk, when your loved one is dying. It is inacceptable. How to help a person, suffering from alcoholism, but not realizing his addiction? The most effective ways in alcohol addiction treatment are special medications to treat alcoholism. It is forbidden to give some of them to the patient without asking his permission, although they are not harmful to his health. That is why it is much better to try and persuade the addicted person to have alcohol addiction treatment. Only realizing the fact that consuming alcohol he is killing himself and make his loved ones suffer, will provide effective alcohol dependence treatment.

Alcoholism treatment 2

Method of family therapy is often used in the process of alcoholism treatment. This kind of therapy aims to destroy behavioral stereotypes in patient’s behavior. The patient needs to lose his urge and motive to drink alcohol, and develop the need in alcohol addiction treatment instead. Sometimes the patient does not participate in this kind of therapy, and the therapist works only with his relatives. Psychological technique “therapist – alcohol addict’s family” or “ therapist – one representative from the patient’s family” aims to teach the patient’s relatives to develop a new model of behavior with alcoholic and to percept his behavior differently on the other hand. After several sessions with the therapist, the relatives of a person who drinks alcohol learn to understand their sick relative and are ready to help him to start a new, sober lifestyle. This kind of perception of alcohol addict person by his relatives is the first step to the main phase of alcoholism treatment.

Alcoholism treatment, based on force can be essential in case if the patient does not realize the necessity of being treated from alcohol addiction himself. It is allowed to give some medications to the patient without asking his permission.

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Modern methods of alcoholism treatment

There are a lot of methods of alcohol addiction treatment, but in every single case special method should be used, depending on circumstances.

Alcohol addiction treatment using Dovzhenko method had good results back in the 1980s. This psychological therapy method is still successfully used nowadays. Alcohol addiction treatment with the help of special medications and different non-traditional methods of alcoholism treatment are widely used by therapists. Herbal medicine offers to treat alcohol addiction with the help of herbs.

Acupuncture is still very popular among non-traditional methods of alcohol addiction treatment. This method was borrowed from the East. The main idea of this method is that you affect special points on the human body, which regulate physical and mental dependence on alcohol in person’s mind. After having several sessions of acupuncture, the patient loses his desire to drink alcohol.

The newest method od alcoholism treatment is treatment of this addiction on the cells level. This method is not popular among therapists who treat alcohol addiction yet. This method’s main idea is in thorough learning and examining of patient’s clinical record and according to those facts and details, a personal course of alcohol dependence therapy is worked out.

Physical urge to alcohol is lessen by using laser, that is why method of using laser is used in comprehensive approach of alcohol addiction treatment. Laser effect also increases the effect of the medications, that patient takes at tat moment and results in normalizing liver, pancreas functioning and also improves his cardiovascular system functioning.

Alcohol addiction treatment with the help of hypnoses is based  on many years’ experience study. This quite effective method of alcohol addiction treatment has different techniques. The most widespread variant is using hypnoses for “coding’ the patient. This method is one of the medication assisted methods of alcoholism treatment.

Alcoholism treatment is possible to provide at home, although it does not have the expected results because the family members cannot control if he follows the sober way of life. Alcohol addiction is a serious disease and therefore should be treated seriously, especially if it is a teenager who suffers from alcoholism. In this case you cannot hope for a wonderful recovery from magicians and take the course of alcohol addiction therapy in a specialized clinic.

When alcoholism is already gone too far, you cannot provide any treatment without special therapy in a special center. One should not be afraid of this, because in any case, alcohol addiction treatment is always anonymous. The therapists always meet the patients’ expectations, realizing that alcohol addicts want only their loved ones to know about alcohol dependence treatment.

As we can see, we can cope with alcohol addiction with the help of different methods, which are not restricted with only taking medications, hypnoses or “sewing in”. although non-traditional methods of alcohol addiction treatment have not proved their higher effectiveness, comparing to traditional methods yet, it means that some of those methods need to be improved.

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Female alcoholism treatment

Female alcoholism has its own characteristics, which are not common to alcohol addiction in men. For example, women – alcoholics have often mood swings, when they consume alcohol for a long time, they are more likely to suffer from long-time heavy depressions and even can commit suicide.

Female alcoholism

Female alcoholism is quite subtle, because one cannot notice the moment it starts. One does not need much time to develop it. Even with the modest wish to have a glass of wine to increase appetite, the urge to alcohol drinking is increasing dramatically and then there is already a moment, when a woman needs professional help to treat alcoholism. Most women refuse to accept the fact that they are dependent on alcohol and that is why the treatment process is often prolonged.

Bunge drinking is very common in female alcoholism. At the very beginning of this disease, some patients cannot cope this problem on their own, and when the disease is progressing, they often need alcoholism treatment in special clinics. The prices in most clinics of this kind are acceptable for people with the average income. For some categories of patients, free alcoholism treatment is provided.

The methods of female alcoholism treatment are very alike to those that are used when men are treated from alcohol addiction. Different medications can be among them, but treating female alcoholism without “coding” also has positive effect. In some serious cases of alcohol addiction, both men and women experience different methods of “coding”, and using hypnoses in among those methods.

Female alcoholism should be treated with more seriousness than the same problem with men. Alcohol addiction treatment, narcology of women need special psychological approach. The therapist, who provides alcohol addiction treatment to women, always takes in account the fact, that women are more sensitive than men and can be offended even with a single wrong word, occasionally pronounced.

According to the statistics data, one tenth of all crimes, committed by women, was committed in a state of alcohol abuse. A lot of psychologists think that the main problem in female alcohol addiction is the fact that nobody is aware for a long time that a woman suffers from alcohol addiction. The problem is getting deeper and in the end leads to mental degrade of a female patient. When relatives discover that their loved one suffers from alcoholism, the treatment of this disease at home cannot be effective any more. As well as in case of male alcoholism, treatment with medications does not always have the expected results.

The most effective alcohol addiction treatment can only be provided in a special hospital conditions. During the treatment, the organism is cleared out from toxins, accumulated during the long time alcohol consumption, metabolism and nervous system recover from the harmful effects of alcohol. Patients in those clinics attend sessions, during which they work out the feeling of disgust towards alcohol.

In every case of alcoholism treatment for any person the most important thing is his family and friends’ emotional support. Only after experiencing attention and care from his loved ones, the patient can have a new start in his life and forget the past, when he was an alcoholic, as one forgets nightmares.

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