Natural remedies for alcohol addiction treatment


A lot of people prefer using natural remedies while treating alcohol addiction. Moreover, it is possible to use natural remedies if someone diagnosed with alcoholism without patient’s agreement, which is also convenient in its turn.

Natural remedies for alcohol addiction treatment

Alcoholism treatment with herbs

The most widespread methods of alcohol addiction treatment in folk medicine is herbal decoctions. Here are some recipes, which effectively help in case of alcohol addiction treatment.

Herbal decoction for alcoholism treatment

4 teaspoons of wild thyme, one teaspoon of centaury and wormwood each. Crumble all herbs up carefully. Take one tablespoon of all mixed herbs and add one glass of boiling water. Leave for 2 hours, filter and take 1-2 tablespoons 30 minutes before every meal (approximately 3-4 times a day).

The course of treatment is 3 months, but the first obvious result is seen already in two weeks.

Lovage herbal tincture

Take lovage roots and cut it into tiny pieces, put into the 200-250 ml jar and add several bay leaves. Pour over the herbs with vodka and leave everything for two weeks to draw.

Pumpkin seeds tincture

Take a glass of hulled pumpkin seeds, blend them in a blender and our over with vodka. Leave for a week to draw.

Bay leaf tincture

Take a glass of vodka, add two bay leaves and leave for two weeks to draw.

These teas and tinctures are given to the patient who suffers from alcoholism in several stages. The remedies make patient to feel disgust towards alcohol consumption. It is important to know that the bay leaf can lead to diarrhea, and eating pumpkin seeds can lead not only to diarrhea, but to vomiting as well, which makes the person feel disgust towards alcohol.

European wild ginger

Causes severe vomiting if added to alcohol. To prepare decoction, take 1 teaspoon of European wild ginger, add a glass of boiling water and leave on slow fire for 5 minutes. Turn the gas off and leave under the lid for an hour. When decoction is ready, add it into vodka, in an amount of 1 tablespoon per 100 grams of vodka. Keep doing this until complete aversion of alcohol. The only contraindications to taking this decoction is pregnancy and steno cardia.

Wormwood and centaury

Take both herbs in equal proportions and prepare a decoction. Give this decoction to alcohol addicted person. In a while he should feel strong aversion to drinking alcohol.

Bearberry decoction for beer alcoholism

2 tablespoons of bearberry leaves pour with boiling water and leave until boil on fire. Those, who cannot control themselves when it comes to drinking beer, should take 1 tablespoon of this decoction six times a day at any time of the day. In two months treatment, you will see the effect.

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Treating alcoholism with natural remedies

There are also other ways of treating alcohol addiction except taking herbal teas and decoctions.

Apples that taste sour

Sometimes this very simple method helps a person to quit alcohol dependence. Every day one should eat three apples that taste sour. Before eating apples you should stick into each apple 7 nails and leave apples with the nails for 24 hours. Keep eating apples for 6 weeks.

When you take alcohol dependence treatment with apples, you should avoid eating or stop eating such products as eggs, dairy products, cabbage, onions, peas, spices, salty and fatty products. You should prefer eating grains, lean meat, potatoes, beets and carrots. Very healthy for those who are going to quit drinking are warm cranberry water, bilberry water, apple water and apple juice, juice from plums that taste sour, lemon juice, pomegranate juice and cherry juice.

Birch smoke

Dry birch firewood rinse richly with sugar and burn it. As soon as the fire start burning, put the fire out and make a person who suffer from alcohol dependence, breathe with the smoke of this extinguished fire. After he had breathed with that smoke, give him a glass of vodka to drink. Traditional medicine claims that this technique will help the person to quit drinking alcohol.

Oat and marigold decoction

This kind of decoction helps person both to stop drinking alcohol and smoking. Half of the three-liter saucepan fill with the raw oat and pour it with vodka up to the top. Put the saucepan on fire and boil everything for 30 minutes. Pour out decoction and add around 100 grams of marigold flowers, cover with the lid and put under the warm blanket. Leave it under the blanket for 12 hours and then strain. Drink 200 grams of this decoction three times a day before each meal. In 3-4 days, the patient should feel aversion to alcohol.

Walnut tree flowers for alcoholism treatment

As soon as the walnut tree starts blooming, pick up the flowers from the tree and fill half a liter bottle with them. Add vodka into the bottle and leave it for 10 days. Strain the liquid you got and leave the bottle with it in the open place. The patient should drink the liquid himself gradually.

The powder from the river crawfish shells

Cook river crawfish, take the shells off them and make powder out of them. You should add half a teaspoon of the powder into alcoholic’s food 2-3 times every day. In this case, if a person drinks alcohol, he feels sick and starts vomiting. Keep doing this until you notice firm aversion to alcohol in a patient.

Curled dock roots’ decoction

Helps to treat drinking bout. To prepare decoction take one tablespoon of curled dock roots, pour it with 200 ml of boiling water and boil under the lid for 5 minutes. Leave under the lid for three hours. Take one tablespoon of this decoction six times a day.

Hot pepper tinctur

Red hot pepper tincture helps quit drinking alcohol. To make this tincture, take 20 grams of hot pepper powder and add half a liter of 60 % alcohol. Cover hermetically and leave for two weeks in a dark place, shaking the bottle from time to time. When the tincture is ready, strain it. Add three drops of this tincture into every liter of wine, which a patient will drink. Drinking wine with hot pepper tincture will decrease patient’s wish to drink alcohol.

Honey in alcohol treatment

Some natural medicine remedies for alcoholism treatment are based on the fact that people start drinking alcohol because of potassium deficit in a person’s organism. That is why potassium replenishment will lead to reducing one’s wish to drink alcohol. The best source of potassium for a human is honey, which contains a lot of useful elements. Thus, regular consumption of honey can reduce to nothing alcoholic’s desire to drink. Honey also enriches organism with vitamins and microelements.

This is how you should take honey to quit drinking alcohol: a patient eats 6 teaspoons of honey, then two more times he has 6 teaspoons of honey every 20 minutes. The patient should take 18 teaspoons of honey in an hour. Then let him have a break for two hours, and after that make him eat honey again – 6 teaspoons three times every 20 minutes. That is all for having treatment with honey. Next morning the patient can even have some alcohol if he needs it. Then he has honey again, 6 teaspoons every 20 minutes, three times. After breakfast the patient eats 4 teaspoons of honey again. If you follow this way of treatment, the patient will not want to drink alcohol any more.

Doctors consider this method of treating alcoholism pure psychological, because potassium deficit is not the cause of alcoholism but its consequence. And in most cases using only traditional medicine remedies for treating alcoholism is not enough.

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Herbal teas for alcoholism treatment

Traditional medicine very successfully uses herbal teas to cure chronical alcoholism, which should be drunk without sugar. The main goal of this method is to make the person sweat and increase urine flow. One should drink warm herbal teas in relatively large amounts – 10 to 5 glasses a day.

Recipe #1

You can prepare tea from the following herbs: wormwood, peppermint and milfoil in equal parts, juniper berries, cultivated angelica roots, sweet flag roots (take ½ parts). Mix all components and brew in amount of one pinch of mixture per one glass of boiling water.

Recipe #2

You can take wormwood, St.-John’s-wort, milfoil (20 grams of each), creeping thyme and cultivated angelica(10 grams of each), 15 grams of peppermint and 5 grams of juniper. Mix everything carefully and brew in a china teapot in amount of 1l of boiling water on 1 tablespoon of dry mixture. Leave the tea for not less than 10 minutes.

These teas should be taken not less than 4 times a day during 10 days. Then you should stop for 5 days and repeat the treatment for 10 more days. The whole period of treatment lasts for 2 to 8 months, the urge of drinking alcohol should reduce and disappear completely by the end of the treatment.

Recipe #3

Coffee with wild ginger root powder. In traditional medicine Turkish coffee with wild ginger root powder is used to treat alcoholism. Add ¼ of a teaspoon of wild ginger root powder per every 50 grams of coffee. A patient should drink this coffee once. You can repeat the treatment only in 1-2 days.

Some drug stores that sell natural medications offer ready made mixtures of dry herbs to cure alcoholism. But before using any of them, remember that any herb is a medicine and therefore it has a lot of contraindications. That is why before start taking any herbal mixture, consult a doctor about the way it should be taken.

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