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Women and alcohol

Female organism, besides being fragile and not strong physically very much, is much more stronger than male organism though. Women are more resistant to pain and recover from illnesses sooner as well.


Pregnancy and Alcohol

Pregnancy and alcohol — these concepts are incompatible. But, unfortunately, not all women regard so. That’s in vain. The fact that alcohol during pregnancy has serious consequences shall be of no doubt. Of its harmful effects on fetal development and the health of the unborn child there was written and said a lot, and the research still continue.


Teenage alcoholism

Nowadays teenage alcoholism has become an intractable problem in both physical and moral aspects.

Any kind of alcohol harm the teenage organism, even if drunk in very small amounts. Alcohol has the most severe effect on the teenage organism, affecting personal traits of a teenager.


Children of alcoholics

The person’s health is based on the stage of creating his parents reproductive cells and mostly depends on the way the formation of the fetus of a future baby and birth activity. After the birth of a child his health will be influenced by the environment he lives in.

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