Women and alcohol


Female organism, besides being fragile and not strong physically very much, is much more stronger than male organism though. Women are more resistant to pain and recover from illnesses sooner as well. Even though they have certain peculiarities of their muscles apparatus, women are far ahead of men in being strong. Moreover, having a lot of family and household duties and being often under stress, women live longer than the average man does.

Women and alcohol

Woman’s organism can cope with all family life hardship, except one –alcohol addiction. Woman’s organism has more obvious symptoms of this addiction than those that men have. They start being obvious when a woman is dragged into this harmful “activity”.

Women’s alcoholism reasons:

  • Problems of social character – economical problems, difficulties at work, insufficient social status, lack of education;
  • Coming through emotional  shock and negative feelings, for example, loss of a loved one, or quitting the job;
  • The social network of a woman, including men, who drink alcohol;
  • Being a manager in a company, that either produces or sells alcohol beverages;
  • Mental and psychiatric illnesses, predisposition to the influence of other people;
  • Prostitution, crime.

Women’s alcoholism, according to statistics, became a serious problem nowadays. Around 25% of women, who drink alcohol, do it systematically. 44% of women, who drink alcohol, have drinking bouts! Around 4% drink alcohol from time to time. 28% of drinking women change sober periods with the everyday alcoholism. One should agree that those numbers are threatening.

Peculiarities of women’s alcoholism

The problem of women’s alcoholism is that comparing to men, women get used to drinking alcohol much more sooner than men. If a man, to become an alcohol addict, needs to drink alcohol 7 to 10 years, woman to become alcohol addicted needs only 5 years of the same experience.

Symptoms of this disease develop so fast that very often the treatment of women’s alcoholism becomes complicated. Harmful effect of alcohol on woman’s organism becomes obvious much sooner, than in the same situation with the man’s addiction. The most wide spread pathologies that women alcoholics have are liver and pancreas dysfunctions.

Under the alcohol effect the woman’s behavior becomes vulgar, that is why uncontrolled sexual behaviour is very common among women like those and becomes norm. At the same time there is no hygiene during this kind of sex, and very often they lead to venereal diseases and infections of urogenital system. According to the medical surveys, only 10% of women alcoholics still have the normal function of their sex organs. Others, because of overconsumption of alcohol, suffer from ovaries tissue turning into the fat and therefore they lose their ability to  have children.

Women’s alcoholism has also other serious consequences. Due to the long time of drinking alcohol, women start developing mental disorders, which become even worse when they continue to abuse alcohol. Women change their personality because of their disease. She becomes nervous, hysterical, aggressive and egoistic. Much earlier than men who abuse alcohol, women develop encephalopathy, expressed by dementia and degradation of her personality.

Women and alcohol-2

These particular pathological changes become the insuperable barrier to realizing the necessity of alcohol addiction treatment by the woman. The patient cannot realize the whole seriousness of her addiction and therefore she even does not try to say no to alcohol. An ordinary woman, affected by alcohol, becomes mentally deficient and degraded.

One might ask a question – is women’s alcoholism treatable? We cannot definitely say that women’s alcoholism cannot be treated. But it is really hard for an alcoholic woman to get back to the normal life again. It is harder to treat a woman alcoholic from the symptoms she has than a man with the same symptoms.

How to treat women’s alcoholism

The scheme of treating women’s alcoholism is the same as the one for treating men’s alcoholism. The only difference is that in the case of treating women alcoholics, the doctors and the relatives of a female patient need to show more attention and patience to the woman.

Female patients have several physiological predispositions, which determine the heavier run of alcohol addiction disease. They are:

  • Less percent of water in a female organism, comparing to men. That is why the concentration of alcohol in an organism of a woman is much higher.
  • During  the premenstrual syndrome women increase absorption of alcohol from their stomach, which leads to more obvious state of being drunk.
  • Women, comparing to men, have lower activity of ferments that take part in utilization of alcohol in organism.
  • Withdrawal state passes relatively mild in women, which makes woman to delay with the ask for a help from a specialist.

Often, but not in all cases of alcohol addiction, women’s organism is being destroyed under the influence of large amounts of alcohol. But the mechanism of the s=disease development is the same as the one in case with the men’s, so the answer to the question about how to treat women’s alcoholism is only one – the same way as the men’s alcohol addiction.

Women and alcohol-3

The main difficulty in case of deciding how to quit drinking alcohol for a woman is the fact that women very seldom ask for help from specialists. The next thing is that drinking woman hides her harmful addiction from the relatives and friends. It is because the public opinion, formed during many centuries, easily accepts the fact of man drinking alcohol, but criticize women who do the same. Moreover, a man, who drinks alcohol is being pitied by his family. A wife, when she realizes that her husband cannot cope the problem himself, literary take him by the hand and brings to the specialist. Except his wife, there are sisters, daughters, friends, who also try to help alcoholic to get back to the normal life. Thus, in case of man’s alcoholism, his problem becomes his family problem.

But when a woman drinks alcohol, she becomes an object of general accusation, and everybody turn their backs to her. That is why women keep their addiction in secret until its harmful effect is not obvious on a woman’s appearance. Signs of woman’s alcoholism first of all are seen on her face. The skin on her face becomes red, dark red or cyanotic spots appear as well, edema , bruises under the eyes and sick glitter in her eyes are another symptoms. A woman stops taking care of herself, her hair is always greasy and matted.

Another side effect of drinking alcohol for a long time on woman’s organism is almost complete vanishing of hypodermic fatty tissue. That is why shoulders, arms and legs of an alcoholic woman lose their softness and become too muscular. Appearance of a woman who overconsumes alcohol, changes very fast, and as sad as it is, there is no way back. Poisoned by alcohol, woman’s organism becomes enfeebled by hours, rather than by days. Woman’s hair suffer from alcoholism and get grey very soon and then she starts loosing it, as well as her teeth that start crumbling severely.

Moreover, a woman develops dyspnea, her personal treats changes to the worse. Unfortunately it happens when the disease moves from the first to the second, more serious stage, and it is much more difficult to treat it.

It happens like this because a woman drinks alone. If her husband or adult children were aware of the problem, they could bring her to the specialist earlier and the question about treating her disease would have been solved much easier.

A woman needs support and understanding from her relatives more than a man, both during the period of treatment and after it. But she doesn’t get this attention because of public opinion and her own attempts to hide her disease. It make the doctor’s work more complicated.

To sum up, we can say that one can overcome the problem of women’s alcoholism, only if there is someone who is ready to fight for the woman. In other words, if the woman has a family or not. To make a decision about taking treatment can only make her feeling of duty before her relatives and realizing that someone needs you. Without those positive stimulus, one cannot get good results in women’s alcoholism treatment.

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