Americans buying drugs from Canadian online pharmacies

The advantages of buying medicines online are recognized even by those people who shop only at local pharmacies. For example, one of the main advantages is the opportunity to order a drug that is not available in offline pharmacies. Plus, online prices are much lower, and we should also mention such a factor as loyalty programs.

  • 20095 Gilbert Rd b, Big Rapids, MI 49307, United States
  • (231) 305-4095

WEST MICHIGAN PHARMACY is and always will be my favorite pharmacy. I used to get my scripts here when I lived on 2nd street, moved up to 5th street, and I still come to this pharmacy. The staff here are friendly and helpful & go above and beyond for their customer’s needs. They have no complaints from My Wife or me! They get all around and back!  

I just went to Brent-Air about 20 minutes till closing time. I went in, and as soon as they saw me with a cart, they announced that the store would close in 20 minutes. I was ok they want to announce it. I get it. Well, about 5 minutes later again, they announced they were going to close soon. Again at 5 minutes and 3 minutes. Ridiculous!!! Once I had all my things ready to go, I was already at the register paying when another customer comes in, and the manager tells the cashier to announce that they are closing in 1 minute. Come on. Really, you just let her in you could have told her that at the door. Well, when I was paying, I forgot to use a coupon. And ask if it could be used. He said no because he had already hit total. Well, I am a paying customer, and I ask if he could do it again, and he did. These guys are always closing. And the manager is very rude and advises the cashier to be rude as well so they can leave asap. I get that it’s a Saturday night and that they are young, but you have a JOB were above all, you get paid to give great customer service. Not to see how early you can leave.

ViaQX Pharmacy (CSAT: 4.2)
  • 4646 Page Ave, Michigan Center, MI 49254, United States
  • (517) 764-0400

Professional, reliable, efficient, and friendly. Lev and his staff live up to running a great pharmacy and provide superior service to its customers. Not to mention its competitor CVS is right across the street. ViaQX Pharmacy beats the competition with reliability, professionalism, and speed. Carries all brands of vitamins and other miscellaneous products at reasonable prices. Support your local small business!

The pharmacy where I purchased my grandparents’ maintenance medicine was very friendly. They really made sure that their staff was managed so everybody would certainly be well accommodated. Awesome work!

BlueRx Pharmacy (CSAT: 4.8)
  • 6240 Michigan Ave, Detroit, MI 48210, United States
  • (313) 899-4120

BlueRx Pharmacy commits fraud. They filled out my Rxs without my knowledge. After it became under new owners, it went downhill. I no longer come here, and I suggest you check your Rx fill dates to prevent fraud and report them to your insurance and DEA for control meds.

I love this pharmacy! Every time that I go to the website, I am 100% satisfied with the service. This pharmacy is extremely helpful with making sure my medications are handled and deliver on time. I appreciate how caring they are, especially with health needs. Thank you, Daniel.

HomeTown Pharmacy — Shelby (CSAT: 4.8)
  • 178 S Michigan Ave, Shelby, MI 49455, United States
  • (231) 861-4341

Why oh WHY! Do they allow people to just sit and wait for their prescriptions when other people in line only have to do a simple pickup? Have those people move to a parking spot and wait and not hold up other customers. This is ridiculous… I hate all pharmacies that allow people to drop off and wait until ready… not fair to other customers.

Great people, great service! My family and I have been patients with HomeTown Pharmacy — Shelby for most of my life, and I’ll never go anywhere else. They have stayed open late to accommodate my hectic work schedule and have scripts ready very quickly. Highly highly recommended.